• Toronto Symphony Orchestra at Roy Thomson Hall.
• National Art Centre Orchestra (NAC).
• Vancouver International Folk Festival.
• Winnipeg Folk Festival.
• Ontario Science Centre.
• Sun Fest.
• Toronto Harbour Front, Molson Place.
• Museum of Civilization, Ottawa.
• National Arts Centre; National Capital Comm. (NCC).
• Kitchener / Waterloo Chamber Music Society.
• Concerts in Vancouver, Calgary Edmonton, Sudbury.
• Concerts at several Universities, including; University Hall of Windsor, University of Ottawa, McMaster University, Brock University, Carleton University, Wilfred Laurier University. Medical Science Auditorium at the University of Toronto.

Concert at Smithsonian Institute, Washington.
• Ford Auditorium & Bhartiya Temple in Detroit.
Concerts at several Universities, including; University of Texas-Austin, Duke University-North Carolina, Harvard University, University of Rochester, University of Massachusetts, Wessline University.
Concerts at Aims, South Bend, Bloomington, Syracuse, New York Symphony Space, Dallas, Philadelphia, Houston, Madison, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, St. Louis, Washington State, New York, Rochester, Newark, Durham, Connecticut and Oregon.

• Womad festival, Redding.
• Plaved twice for "PROMS" Fest (Henry Promenade) whole night concert which was broadcast live from London through BBC International Service from London.
• Also performed at the following festivals; Wingfield International Fest, Alden borough Festival, Glastonbury Festival, Bracknell Festival, Canterbury Fest, Spitalfields Fest, Bury Sr. Edmond's Fest, Brent Festival, Hazelwood International Music Fest, Nottingham Asian Fest, Lichfield Fest, Bath International Festival.
• Venues Included:
Royal Albert Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Wigmore Hall, Logan Hall, civic centers, cathedrals and churches, TV Channel 4 "Eastern Eve" London. Concerts with Live audience and recordings for BBC TV "Network East". "Music of India" Radio 3, BBC World Service. BBC Radio Music Review, Central TV U.K. Visiting professor for advanced technical course in music at Dartington College of Arts.

• Concert and seminars in Schloss Elmalu.
• Radio Saarbrucken
• WDR Radio Koln
• EBU Radio Bremen - concert broadcast live for 90 minutes by 36 radio stations throughout Europe.
• Concert tour of West Germany.
• Concert for celebrated television programme BIO'S BAHNHOE

• Concert at Ron Point, Paris - for Radio Paris.
• Etampe International festival.
• Nouvel Espace Culturel, Mulhouse.
• Ministry of Paris Cultural Affairs.

• Concerts at Cork International Festival and Oriada Fest.
• Lecture and seminars in Cork and Dublin, through Arts Council.

• Concert in Brussels through Art's Council.
• Performed at Sfinks Fest and Hare Krishna Temple, Antwerpen.
• Live concert for Radio Brussels.
• Concert tour of Belgium.

Womad Festival.
• Lecture on Indian music for Catania TV.

• Concert tour in Rome, Venice, Bari, Monopoly.

• Greece-India Fest at Acropolis in Athens.
• Ancient Arena in Delphi.

• Regular concert tours of Holland with several concerts in Amsterdam, Including Mozes Church, Tropical institute and Holland Fest.
• Open air concert for Hare Krishna in Amsterdam.

• Appeared in concerts in Warsaw and participated in the Krakow Festival.

• Concert and seminar on Indian Music in Prague.

• Zagreb Binnale Fest. -Zagreb TV

• Invited by the government of India for the opening of India Fest at The Kremlin.
• Tour of 25 concerts all over the Soviet Union.
Venues included: Kremlin Palace Hall, Tchaikovsky Hall, Operatta, Moscow conservatoire, etc.

Concerts in Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe.
Venues included: Santoree Hall (2 concerts). Yakshijiy temple, Nara.

• Conducted an official tour of China, as a guest of the Government, performing in all major cities.

• City Hall of Hong Kong (3 concerts).
• Hong Kong International Arts Festival.

• World Trade Centre at Kuala Lumpur, by invitation of the Prime Minister.
• Live concert for TV

• Tour of Norway.
• International Teachers' Seminar, Melbu.

• Copenhagen Fest.

• Regular concert tours in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, including a special concert of sitar recital organized by Sharjah Cricket Association during the Sharjah Cricket Tournament.
• Concert at Sharjah Cricket stadium.
• Performances in Saudi Arabia.

• Concerts in Dhaka, Chittagong, Silhet, Gauripur.
• Major live aid concerts given for the Bangladesh flood relief in Dhaka & London. Venues included: Shilpukala Academy, Bishya Sahirya, Bangla Academy, Dhaka Museum, Sonargaon Ballroom, etc.

• First Indian sitar player to play for the Pakistan Television at an hour-long live concert at Lahore
• Concerts at Karachi Sheraton, National College of Arts, Lahore.

• Doverlane Music Conference, ITC Sangeet Sammelan, Park Circus Music Conference, Sadarang, West Bengal Music Conference.

• Vishnu Digambar, ITC Sammelan, Varsha Utsav, Sangeet Natak Academy, Trade Fair.

• NCPA, Sajan Milap, IMG Xaviers, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Bhatkhande Sangeet Sammelan, Hare Krishna Temple, Vile-Parle Music Circle, Sangeet Mahabharti, Dadar-Matunga Cultural Centre, Nehru Centre, Suburban Music Conference. Venues included:
• Pune-Sawai Gandharva Music Fest.
• Trivandrum-Nisha Gandhi Fest.
• Gwalior-Tansen Samaroh
• Udaipur-Maharana Kumbh Concert at Udaipur Palace Hotel.
• Varanasi-Sangeet Parishad
• Spicmcay Representation - Bhopal, Nagpur, Delhi, Meerut, Calcutta, Chandigarh, etc.
• Patna, Langar Toll,