Basant Bahar

Basant Bahar
Style: Semi-classical/Folk
Label: UAM
Country: Canada/India
1.Semi Classica Raag Pahadi 13:18
2. Classical Raag Shudh Bahar 24.20

Basant Bahar (spring spectacle) is sure to colour the aesthetic being of any music lover. Both the music and the lyrics are the emblems of the maestros superb creativity and composing ability.

Through this cd the maestro wishes to reach different levels of listeners. That is why he presented a light piece Gul-E-Bahar in Pahadi as his first composition. He continued his proceedings of musical journey with raag Shudh Bahr which is considered a heavy variety of melody in classical music. It may be treated as shift from the format of traditional presentation but he did it willfully. His goal is to create a feeling in mind of the listeners to appreciate the classical Bahar through the exposure of the light melody of pahadi. This Cd is capable of catering a soothing effect and an aesthetic pleasure to the aural faculty of any level of music lovers. It can be said optimistically that Basant Bahar would be able to colour the aesthetic being of any music lover.